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We Need YOU


Georgia Nevada's standard bio - A force to be reckoned with on the UK Southern Rock and Americana scenes, Georgia Nevada has wracked up four chart-topping singles and a 'Female Vocalist of the Year' nomination at the 2021 British Country Music Awards. Nevada has since gone on to astound audiences at headline shows and festivals across the country with her Southern Rock charm and power, paving the way for an electrifying 2024.


Our Story

Georgia Nevada (me, hi!) has been actively releasing music and gigging for 4 years (and 10 years before that of utter shite). In the last 4 years I have released 3x UK Country no.1 singles, gained contacts within the industry and learnt how to do the independent musician thing the right way.

In 2021 I pulled together a band of experienced and talented musicians to experiment and solidify my brand and sound. Will on the drums, Andy on Bass and Edd on the guitar (fun fact: Edd & Andy are both PRS Guitar Techs!). We've had two massive festival seasons and played to crowds of thousands. Some of the festivals we've played include: Chickenstock, Old Town Live, TryFest, Todd in the Hole, Brighton Tattoo Con (not strictly a festival but it was fun!) etc.

We've also smashed headline shows in Cambridge with near sellout numbers (180 cap).

Over time it has become obvious that our sound has moved towards southern/blues rock and so with a bigger sound comes the need for a bigger band! 

What we're looking for

It's important that the person who joins us is willing to give their all in rehearsals and on stage - out of those times we just ask for standard levels of communication (and responses to our strange gifs to help our egos).

As the band are under my name, I take on most of the responsibility but the boys are incredible at offering support. We aren't looking for a dep or session musician, we wanna bring you into our 'family' and for you to feel as passionately about this band as we do.

As previously mentioned, when it was just me and an acoustic guitar, I was a country artist through and through - now I rarely perform without the band, they're a huge part of the Georgia Nevada identity.

Please Note: We are not quite at the point where we can offer a full time wage (for any of us!). You would be given an equal 5 way split of any money earned from gigs, so please take this into consideration before coming to audition.
We take this band very seriously, and want to take it to a point where we can make a living from this and nothing else, so if you're willing to be a part of that then we would love to meet you.

Where the band is going?

Places! We're recording our debut album at the moment (did I mention that Andy is also a mixing engineer??). In the lead up to the album we will be organising multiple single, EP and Album campaigns, photoshoots, and a festival tour for 2024. 

Audition Form

Please complete the form & we will get back to you with a time and answer any queries you may have.

You will need to be available for approx. 1 hour on the 4th November and able to learn 3 (provided) songs before the audition.


Thanks for submitting!

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